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Get Hired by Getting Personal

If you're looking for a job now, you don't need to be reminded about how bad the economy and employment markets are.

But you may need to be reminded of a simple fact: You will never get hired for any job, in any economy, by an employer.

Instead, you will be hired by a person.

A person with feelings, hopes, and fears, just like you.

The more persons you can meet, talk to, and help, the faster you will get hired. In any city. In any economy.

With that in mind, I went through my past columns from this year and collected three proven ways to get hired faster by "getting personal" ...

They are Watching You!

Spying Through KeyholesMany job seekers believe that their resume is the main (if not the only) source of information on their personality. Thus, they are trying hard to make the resume an impeccable piece of writing, presenting them from the best perspective. That is a right thing to do. However, one should not neglect other sources, speaking for what we are.

Since the modern information technologies are constantly improving and thus are earning the credence of a wider audience, on-line resources have become a recruiter’s number-one advisor. This means that all Internet activity under the real first and last names can be tracked by a prospective employer and used for forming a favorable/ unfavorable impression of an applicant’s personality.

Thus, strongly embed the idea in your mind: Human Resources specialists do not only background checks, but also hold on-line ‘investigations’. Scared?

Good news everyone! You can control a great deal of what is said about you on the Internet. It just requires some time and a little effort, since you need to review the following:

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