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Job Fair: Useful Tips

Job Fair Visiting a job fair may significantly increase your chances to get a job even faster than you might have thought. You just need to be prepared to “hit” the potential employers. This article will give you some useful tips on how to be a success at a job fair.


Review and update it, making sure that the contents reflect the kind of job you are currently looking for. Even if your previous working experience is not too much relevant to it, adjust your resume to your needs – stress out the points that could give you an advantage in job hunting in the desired field. Make many copies of the resume so that you can take a bunch of them to the job fair – you are going to meet quite a lot of prospective employers there.


Think of a brief presentation, that you could use to introduce yourself. It should be like a 40-60 seconds’ commercial, outlining the main points and aimed at making a good impression. A fresh, bright, upbeat presentation will help you grab the recruiter’s attention and get them interested in employing you.

Effective Resume – Key to Success

TypingResearch shows that recruiters scan around 1000 resumes a day and only 100 of them get more or less proper attention. Moreover, only four applicants out of the same amount get a job interview invitation. Are you getting the point? You have only 10 to 15 seconds to attract the recruiter’s attention and make them read your resume till the very end. Hard job, I should say. However, nothing is impossible.

Thus, taking into consideration that the potential interviewer is not really disposed to wasting much time on your CV, adopt one rule: never go into much detail unless it is absolutely necessary.

The necessity can only be triggered by the vacancy requirements, stated in the advertisement. That is why you should make sure you have read it attentively and fully understand the selection criteria – the list of requirements needed to qualify for the position. Those are usually given in the order of importance, thus if you do not really meet the first few, you would better not waste your time as well the recruiter’s.

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