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Why We Don't Talk

Communication is the greatest and perhaps least-used tool we have to connect with our team mates. Here are ten reasons we don’t talk and how to make a correction when necessary.

  1. Actions that you don’t agree with can be conversation stoppers. Talk about what you’d prefer and try to find some balance and a way for you to get more out of what’s going on.
  2. If it’s a difficult topic, to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, it’s best to share your insights gently. This will also help you resolve things more easily. Be Clear, be concise, and be kind.
  3. Successful leaders assign different areas of interest for team members to remain informed on, so they can share what they’ve learned with their co-workers and have fodder for new ideas.
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  5. Upon occasion, we believe we’ve had a conversation with our co-worker when what actually happened is that we thought about the conversation instead of having it. Check with your team mate before you jump to the conclusion that you’ve already discussed the subject.
  6. Some people are too lazy to want to engage in conversation. They’d rather hang out at their desk or the break room instead of using their minds to connect with the team. These folks can actually do damage to your team and bring down morale. Have a talk with them.
  7. There are times when even the best conversationalist will be too tired to put words together. Being too exhausted to talk is something you may experience at times. If this happens, just tell your team mate that you’d like to chat about this later. And make sure that you’re the one who brings the topic up again.
  8. Don’t try to be a mind reader. You may think you know what your co-worker is going to say, and so you don’t bother bringing it up. This type of behavior is a recipe for misunderstandings and mistakes. Just say the words and avoid the problem.
  9. Eavesdropping is an unreliable way to get information. Just because you think you’ve heard something doesn’t mean you got it right. Check it our before you get offended or clam up.
  10. Unhealed anger will cause almost anyone to withhold conversation. If you’re mad at someone you work with, tell him or her and get it out, so you can get back to normal. If you need to, bring a third party in to mediate.
  11. If you’re a busy person, you might not think about taking time out to talk with those you care for. Make sure that your life doesn’t take away from your love. Check in on a regular basis. The conversations don’t have to take long; they just have to take place.

Take every opportunity you have to connect with the people you work with and those you care about. The easiest way to do that is to talk with them.

By Dr Barton Goldsmith

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