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Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

More often that not, it's the latter. Which is why it's time to change your professional philosophy. Why settle for a career you dread, when there are so many opportunites for you to transition into an exciting industry at which you can prosper and find your passion?

Thanks to online programs easily accessible via your home computer, on your own time -- such as those offered by >Kaplan College -- you can indulge your interests and follow your heart's pathway for professional success. Take a look...

Business With a Heart
Why practice traditional business when you can apply your individual talents to a booming industry that intrigues you? Whether that's information technology, law, healthcare, or others, Kaplan College's associate's and bachelor's management programs stress leadership development and provide the latest strategies to get you to the head of the boardroom.

Need to enhance the skills you've already acquired and increase your intellectual capitol? Then build upon what you know and advance through Kaplan College's innovative 2+2 Option for Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting, Finance, or Management of Information Systems), or 2+2 Option for Bachelor of Science in Management (E-Business, Health Care Management, or Sales and Marketing). Each allow you to skip a step if you already have your associate's degree, or earn both by giving you a boost of markeability in between.

Undertake an Exciting Endeavor
Searching for excitement in your professional endeavor? Look no further than at three of today's most intriguing professional fields -- criminal justice, paralegal studies, and financial planning. Each can be accessed via Kaplan College's online certificate and degree programs.

Study toward a certificate in crime scene technology or terrorism and national security management, or earn your associate's or bachelor's degree in Kaplan College's School of Criminal Justice. Or, step into the court system by learning how to conduct legal research, appraise, and evaluate legal sources, incorporate them into relevant legal arguments, and more via Kaplan College's certificate, associate's, or bachelor's programs in paralegal studies.

Perhaps you're all about money -- money management, that is. The in-demand field of Certified Financial Planning allows for lucrative and challenging work, and is attainable by passing the CFP® examination from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Kaplan College's certificate program will prepare you well for a fulfilling career advising others on taxes and estate planning, retirement savings, investing, and more.

A Prescription for Career Rejuvenation
If you're already in the healthcare field, you can reinvent your career by exploring three of the fastest-growing professions in health care: forensic nursing, life care planning, or legal nurse consulting. Kaplan College offers certificates in each discipline.

Upon completion of Kaplan College's forensic nursing program, registered nurses interested in the dynamic field can work with law enforcement to collect evidence, provide care for survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes, even help identify injuries and/or death and their causes.

Additionally, an innovative Life Care Planning Certificate program allows registered nurses and qualified rehabilitation professionals to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to engage attorneys, insurance companies, and managed care organizations, or in independent practice as an expert in improving quality of life for those with chronic illnesses. You'll learn how to compassionately develop life care plans, and will gain expert knowledge of the medical, psychosocial, and economic aspects of disabilities and chronic health care conditions.

Legal nurse consultants combine prior nursing expertise with legal knowledge to assist attorneys and their clients in understanding the health care issues related to medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Legal nurse consultants perform legal and medical research, identify standards of care, review medical records, interview witnesses, and assist attorneys in all aspects of litigation.

For the Love of Technology
Transform your tech knowledge into a cutting-edge career. Kaplan College's School of Information Technology's innovative curriculum is developed to help you attract top employers. Its valuable certificates in Internet & Website development, introduction to computer programming language, and its IT Pathway Certificate prepares you for success in the IT industry. Higher-level programs that lead to an associate's, bachelor's, or combine a 2+2 curriculum (for those who already have an A.S.) are also available.

Why suffer in corporate stagnation when you can find a profession you truly enjoy? Thanks to convenient online programs, it's easy to commit to the undertaking. And in the long run -- for the rest of your living-to-work days -- it'll be worth it.


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