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They are Watching You!

Spying Through KeyholesMany job seekers believe that their resume is the main (if not the only) source of information on their personality. Thus, they are trying hard to make the resume an impeccable piece of writing, presenting them from the best perspective. That is a right thing to do. However, one should not neglect other sources, speaking for what we are.

Since the modern information technologies are constantly improving and thus are earning the credence of a wider audience, on-line resources have become a recruiter’s number-one advisor. This means that all Internet activity under the real first and last names can be tracked by a prospective employer and used for forming a favorable/ unfavorable impression of an applicant’s personality.

Thus, strongly embed the idea in your mind: Human Resources specialists do not only background checks, but also hold on-line ‘investigations’. Scared?

Good news everyone! You can control a great deal of what is said about you on the Internet. It just requires some time and a little effort, since you need to review the following:

Email address. It is not really a good idea to put a ‘’ email address in your resume. Make sure you obtain a respectable one for that purpose. The easiest variant is the one having your name, for example ‘’. It does not imply any excess information about you.

Myspace, facebook or other social network page. You do not want your potential employer see your crazy drunk half-naked picture on-line. Commentaries posted on your page can also compromise you. Thus, review these, delete the tricky ones and adjust privacy settings on the photos that you want to keep only for your close friends and for yourself.

Blog. You really need to be careful about posting your thoughts for the whole world’s review. Sometimes, disclosing your inner feelings can be a dangerous thing and put you into a bad position in the face of the recruiter. If you still want to have an Internet diary, make sure it does not have any connections to your real name.

Google. Do what your prospective employer will do – Google yourself and see what the World Wide Web has to compromise you. Could be you forgot about a blog you had years ago and containing some unfavorable information.

There is no doubt that you may think of something else to add to that list. So go ahead and clean it up!

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