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20 Temptations To Fight at Work

It’s so tempting ...

  1. To complain when others are complaining.
  2. To believe that your social media skills will pay off in more pay and more responsibilities.
  3. To believe that upper management is clueless.
  4. To yearn for days gone by.
  5. To manage with the same carrot-and-stick approach that has proven repeatedly not to work.
  6. To believe human resources people when they tell you, “Just wait, and we will get back to you with the new steps.”
  7. To want to search for jobs on the big job boards, even though, far more often than not, you won’t even get a call back.
  8. To believe that education and skill aren't important anymore.
  9. To believe that no one watches how you handle stress.
  10. To wonder if all your dreams have passed you by.
  11. To ignore the reality of just how tough everyone’s life is, both in and out of work.
  12. To want to not make waves.
  13. To believe that hope in your heart is enough to make you bat .300.
  14. To knuckle down, do nothing, and hope that this too shall pass.
  15. To blame others for what you know, down deep, is your own fault.
  16. To read yet another blog post and think, “Yep, I agree, but I am not going to change.”
  17. To think that we all buy products and services based solely on price.
  18. To believe that old media will go the way of the horse and buggy.
  19. To believe that every political leader is stupid, or on the take, or immoral.
  20. To want the shortcut when we know that method never really ever works.

By G.L. Hoffman
His blog can be found at

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