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Are You Really Happy about Your Job?

I Love My Job
Have you ever had a vague feeling that your current career prospects do not correspond to your ambitions? Or is it that you are totally satisfied with your present job? For many that is the number one item on the agenda list to be considered Today.

According to a recent survey, conducted by the Conference Board research organization, more than half of Americans are not satisfied with their jobs, and the least content are young people under 25, by the way. Another study states that three quarters of Americans have switched into another career at least once, and the other quarter is planning to do so.

In fact, job satisfaction is strongly influenced by a range of important factors, such as salary rate, non-monetary rewards, working conditions and working schedule, social interaction, promotion policies, as well as the job itself. Here one could consider the following: the tasks and challenges involved and the clarity of their description, the either tight or loose deadlines, the fulfilled work assessment approach.

It goes without saying that our life-long dreams and personal inclinations play a great role in the choice of the career to pursue. However, the question is not if you are deeply disappointed that you never became a super hero of your childhood reveries – Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or one of the Fantastic Four. The question is if you feel comfortable in your current position as a salesperson, manager, economist, lawyer or CEO.

No doubt that the happier people are about their jobs, the better they can do them, the more inspired they are in their daily activities and the less emotional stress they and their family members undergo. Thus, the crucial point is to define your personal life-time calling in which you can be the most satisfied and successful.

However, this is only one side of the medal, since your personal determination to get a certain position in a certain sphere does not guarantee the acquisition of such a job. Here you can encounter a whole variety of difficulties, and the fashion in which those will be resolved may result in either success or failure.

Success/ FailureEven small things matter in the process of finding the perfect job you want and may cost or benefit you as an applicant, so you should take great care at all the stages: CV writing, job interview, test tasks fulfillment etc.

Remember: it is never late to change your career path and follow your heart’s ambition. Start improving your life today – find your perfect job!

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