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A day in the life of an IT Recruitment Consultant

I say a standard IT recruitment consultant as I work very differently now! (And I’m not going to tell you how I work now…… in case another recruitment consultant starts copying me!)

8.30 start after battling my way through hellish Bristol traffic, I have a company car so I might as well Drive the 2.5 miles to my office (I know this will upset a few people but……)

Check Emails from the online adverts I put on yesterday. Delete all of those not living in this country and have little or no hope of getting a visa.

8.40– 10am – Try to avoid everyone, by staying in the toilet or making coffee. Sometimes I’ll sit at my desk and look busy. Try frowning a lot at your screen, lots of big sighs help too.

10am Start the day properly!

Call all the relevant people who’ve responded to the ads and talk them through the job specs, email the irrelevant ones.

I’m trying to see if they are interested in the job, is it what they want to do and is the pay right. Some people just apply to anything and everything. I also have to decide if the candidate is or isn’t another recruitment consultant trying to blag the client name out of me.

As I call each candidate I send the job spec to them and get their permission to send their CV.

11.30 Client time!

I start to call the clients that I sent CVs to yesterday just to check they’ve got them and to hurry them up as to which CVs they want to interview.

Arrange interviews.

12.30 Lunch….. I try to string this out as long as possible. I also try to meet at least two contractors per week for lunch for a number of reason.

  • I get to understand more about what they do.
  • They get a chance to see I’m a real person.
  • I get a free lunch, as I claim it back on expenses.
  • I get a longer lunchtime as I am “out on Business”.

Back from lunch check emails go through above again.

Then call clients. I try to get 20/30 cold calls done during a day and see if I can pull in some more jobs.

As soon as I get a job I drop everything and start to call candidates again to see if I can fill it.

If it’s a job that I am confident I can fill I’ll be at work until 8 or 9pm. If not I’ll advertise it and see who comes in.

Depending on how busy I am I’ll also try to arrange at least 2 client meetings per week…… In this market it hard to get clients to commit to seeing you.

Like I said at the beginning. I don’t work like this any more, I have developed a better way of working which benefits that candidate much more.

by Rich Wooten -

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