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Job Interview: Don’ts

Stop Sign1. Don’t expect that your resume will do the selling job for you. Yes, it is good to have an excellent CV with perfect qualifications, but the printed text will stay the printed text for ever unless your prospective employer hears about your skills from you personally. Your job here is to add color and challenge to your professional achievements. Make them believe that you did a great job.

2. Don’t give simple answers such as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ unless it cannot be another way. A job interview is the time for you to impress the interviewer, to give the detail that does not fit into your resume. However, try to limit the answer to each question to 60 seconds – many recruiters claim it is the most acceptable timing.

3. Don’t complain about your current / former employer, no matter how bad they are. Your prospective employer should think that you are longing to work for them, because you are searching for a job which is more challenge, more interest for you. The fact that your payment was low, you did not have vacation and had to work overtime would not contribute to your being a prospective employee. Actually, the best time to search for a job is when you are happy with you current position and do not need any change. In this case you can get the best position you have ever dreamed about.

4. Don’t tell jokes at your job interview unless you are applying for the position of a hotel animator or a comic TV-show host. However, for some unpleasant situations humor can be the best way out – it will also demonstrate your positive attitude to life.

5. Don’t lie: neither in your resume nor during the interview. Sometimes it seems that a small lie will not hurt anybody, and will considerably contribute to your image. It could be true, but: it is so easy to become entangled in your own lies. If you forget just one small thing, you will contradict yourself, and, please, do not be so naïve to believe that the recruiter will not mention that – they are trained for this kind of things.

6. Don’t discuss your family or personal issues during the interview. You are there to get a job, not a piece of psychological advice. Moreover, most employers do not need perfect family men, they need devoted employees.

7. Don’t ask about the salary, social or any other benefits before you get a job offer. Those issues are usually discussed not earlier than at the second interview.

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