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Cannot find a Job: Why?

Scared If you start asking yourself this question, this is not a good sign at all – there is something to think about. However, there is no reason for totally freaking out. You are not the only one: thousands of job seekers are getting increasingly frustrated, because they keep searching, but cannot find a job they want. It might be even worse, if you are currently unemployed or looking forward to running away from your present working place that you hate from the deep of your heart.

Let’s see what could be the reasons for your job hunt taking so long:

Variant 1: No Interviews.

If this is the case, you really need to review (and consequently rewrite) your resume and cover letter. Those, basically, are specially designed for getting you invitations for interviews; your resume and cover letter should be selling you to the potential employer, convincing them that they will never find anybody better than you to fill the vacant position. If you are not getting interviews, your curriculum vitae and cover letter are not good enough and need to be redone in a proper way.

You might also want to review your references – are they positive, encouraging the human resources representatives to contact you directly and make an appointment? Or are they cutting off your potential communication with the head hunters?

Another reason why you are not invited for a face to face talk with prospective employers could be that you are applying for wrong positions. Is it that you are trying to get a job position that you have just no chance of getting? Think about that. Be more realistic and do not waste your time.

Variant 2: No Job Offers.

If you do receive invitations for personal interviews, but do not really get any job offers after passing them, you might need to review your business conduct. Try to look at yourself from the distance: is it that you seem too much aggressive? Or submissive? Maybe you are eloquent and can better express yourself on the paper than in live-time speech? Or demanding a salary that is too big? It could be pretty hard to answer all these questions. Thus, do not be shy and ask for some constructive feedback after any failed interview: why they turned your application down? Listen carefully and work on your drawbacks afterwards.

Be sure, that after checking and thinking over all these points, you will have a much better idea Why you cannot find a job.

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